In Buena Park, we are lucky enough to be near some incredible restaurants. There are so many options to choose from, so we wanted to share three of our favorites. Keep reading to find your new favorite place to grab a bite!

India House Restaurant

From mouth-watering Garlic Naan to soul-warming Daal Makhani, India House Restaurant has it all! They are located at 7934 Valley View Street in Buena Park, and they’re known for their authentic flavors and friendly service.

One of our favorite things about this restaurant is that they feature dishes from different regions across India, taking care to feature the unique flavors of each dish.

“Our food is a representation of the many and varied regional cuisines of India and of the many ethnic groups of people in the sub-continent,” their website explains. “Our dishes range from Bombay, Delhi, Street Fare and Home Style Tandoori Cooking to the most sophisticated food of the Royal families.”

Give them a try! 

Cachi Cafe

Another one of our favorite local restaurants is Cachi Cafe! They have a simple breakfast and lunch menu full of winners. On the breakfast menu, you’ll find regular and small breakfast burritos; bagel, tomato, and cream cheese; and hot cereal with bananas, strawberries, candied walnuts, and cinnamon powder. Yum!

Here are some of our favorites from their panini and salads menu:

  • Egg, tomato, and cheese panini
  • Chicken and basil panini
  • Hummus panini
  • Walnut mixed greens salad
  • Mediterranean spinach salad

And, of course, they have delicious drinks and coffees to go with your meal.

Head over to 10 Centerpointe Drive #3 in La Palma, just ten minutes away from Cantabria Apartments, to give them a try next time you want to order in for breakfast or lunch!

Señor Taco

The last of our favorite local restaurants we want to share is Señor Taco, a go-to, family-owned spot for delicious Mexican fare. They have everything! Seriously: Check out their menu.

For breakfast, they have everything from bacon burritos to machaca with eggs. For lunch and dinner, they have tortas, hamburgers, Mexican specialties, plates (fajitas, flautas, enchiladas, and more), seafood dishes, salads, and kids’ meals. Then for drinks, they have smoothies, juices, shaved ice, and fruit waters.

There is really something for everyone! It is pretty popular, so we recommend going there on weekends only if you have time to spare. Otherwise, stick to off-peak hours. Either way, you’ll be happy you came. Head over to 9213 Valley View Street in Cypress, just a 10-minute drive away, to check them out!

We have some incredible local restaurants nearby. From India House Restaurant to Cachi Cafe to Señor Taco, there is something for everyone. Consider one of these restaurants the next time you want to up your meal game!

Photo credit: India House Restaurant.