The 5 Best Sushi Spots Near Buena Park, CA

It’s easy to see why Buena Park, CA, was voted one of the most fun small towns in the United States: Between popular attractions like Disneyland and beautiful beaches nearby, millions of visitors experience the joy of visiting the city every year. And those fun attractions are just the beginning of enjoying life in Buena Park.

There are so many amazing restaurants in the area, making it challenging to decide on just one. If you’re in the mood for delicious and beautiful seafood, we’ve narrowed it down to the five best sushi restaurants near Buena Park. Let’s explore these restaurants, the best sushi rolls they have to offer, customer reviews, and where to enjoy these tasty dishes with your loved ones.

Odori Sushi

Odori Sushi is THE sushi spot in Buena Park. Located at 7855 La Palma Avenue, Ste. 1, the restaurant offers indoor and takeout dining, perfect for an intimate date night or a to-go meal for a picnic with friends and family. 

Sushi Options

From the classic California Roll to the innovative Tiger Roll, there is a variety of sushi rolls to enjoy. Start your meal off with mixed tempura veggies or edamame. Try the fan-favorite Mexican Roll for a fun, spicy twist on your traditional California Roll, or try the Rainbow Roll for a bright, colorful spread. 

Customer Review

Odori has my heart.. and my stomach.

My friends and I hit up this sushi spot after visiting Buena Park for a nearby event. We went ham and ordered a number of items to share family style.

A few of our picks included the edamame, Baked Salmon Roll, Philly Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll. We also ordered a few sides of spicy mayo and eel sauce before digging in.

Everything tasted so fresh and delicious. My favorite roll was the baked salmon: California roll topped with baked salmon and a spicy mayo drizzle.

Everyone left full and happy, ready to return for round two.

Hayley H.

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Ginzaya Sushi

Located at 15288 Rosecrans Avenue in La Mirada, CA, Ginzaya Sushi offers a wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, appetizers, and desserts. Whether you’re going to enjoy sushi on a date or with friends, you’ll find something for every sushi lover. 

Sushi Options
Try the Caterpillar Roll if you enjoy crab, cucumber, and avocado, and enjoy a delicious fried gyoza appetizer. If you’re feeling adventurous, taste the Crazy Roll for a fun and unique twist on a fried sushi roll. 

Customer Review

We search all the time for really good tasting sushi, not just generic fast food kind of sushi and we found it here! Every roll that we ordered was so good. They have all you can eat lunch and dinner everyday of the week. And, you have to try the heart attack apppetizer for $4.99, it was so good!


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Sushi Dake

As a family-run restaurant, Sushi Dake offers a chance to support a local business while enjoying delicious and colorful appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The sushi spot is located in Anaheim, CA—just miles away from Disneyland. 

Sushi Options
Try a fusion roll like the Superman Burrito for a fun twist on Japanese food. This burrito-style roll has crab, salmon, tuna, and avocado wrapped in soy paper. Dake Sushi also offers your traditional favorites, including the California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Philadelphia Roll, and Rainbow Roll. 

Customer Review

The sushi is fresh and the service is excellent. They are so attentive to their customers. Their sashimi is one of the freshest I’ve ever had. They have fresh rolls, baked rolls, deep fried rolls, etc. This is a popular sushi bar so make sure you come early to sign your name in.

Robert Nguyen

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Sushi Pop

From sushi rolls to noodle dishes, Sushi Pop provides high-quality, genuine meals at affordable prices. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy a beer with your favorite sushi roll and people.

Sushi Options
Looking for a popular choice? Try the Baked Salmon Roll for a tried-and-true favorite. If you like a kick of spice, try ordering the Euclid Roll, which features a jalapeno garnish, or the Red Bull Roll with spicy tuna, cilantro, and cucumber.

Customer Review

Service was great and fast from start to finish. Servers were curtious and attended to our needs even though they were serving largers parties over 20 people. The presentation of the sushi was beautifully presented and the taste was phenomenal! The best sushi i have been to!

John Chua

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If your go-to meal is usually sushi, Sushiholic may be the perfect spot for you. They serve freshly-delivered fish, trimmed meats, and whipped sauces every day, offering high-quality sushi rolls. 

Sushi Options
If you love rolls, try the Pink Lady or Love Love. Got a sweet tooth? Order the Sweet Hawaiian or Mango Salmon Roll—fun twists on traditional rolls. Would you prefer something other than raw fish? The restaurant has teriyaki selections that have been made from scratch. There’s truly something for everyone. 

Customer Review

This small, strip mall sushi restaurant doesn’t have many tables. That’s about it’s only weakness. Extensive and creative menu, consistently fresh and high quality fish, and reasonable prices. My only regret is that they aren’t closer to my home, and that I don’t go there more often in spite of that. If you enjoy sushi, you’ll enjoy SushiHolic.

Steve P

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Enjoy Delicious Sushi with the Comforts of Home

Whether you decide to try one of these amazing sushi spots or another delicious restaurant near Buena Park, CA, Cantabria Apartments is an amazing place to enjoy your food. Order a meal for takeout and bring it to our courtyards to enjoy sunny weather, cornhole, picnic areas, and manicured grass. Host your loved ones at one of our three resort-style pools, and don’t hesitate to bring your pets along. 

Our full-service, high-end apartment complex offers everything you’re looking for in a cheerful, sunny California home. Come and see for yourself, and make sure to check out the sushi spots in the area!

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