Your love for your pet can surprise you. At first, you begrudgingly brought home a puppy for your kids—under the condition that they take care of its needs. The next thing you know, that pup keeps finding its way onto your lap, and you can’t help but save a little of your bacon for him.

Pets find a way into your heart one way or the other, whether you’re a lifelong animal lover or a recent convert. When you’re looking for a home for your family, a pet-friendly apartment is crucial. At Cantabria Apartment Homes, we understand how you feel about your pets. Our pet-friendly community is the perfect place for you to call home. Here are a few of the things to know about owning a pet here.

Room to Stretch

Animals can take up a lot of space, whether you have a chunky pooch that owns the entire sofa or a tiny pup that has enough energy for five dogs and needs room to zip around. Whatever your pet requires, you can find something to suit your needs here. Our two-bedroom apartments have room for your pet to take over as much of your space as he wants. Your energetic pal will enjoy strolls through our beautiful garden areas and walkways.

If your dog is aching to meet some friends of his own, head over to the Bellis Dog Park just a few minutes away. You can even bring your dog with you to the beach, with Rosie’s Dog Beach just half an hour away in Long Beach.

Pet Ownership Tips

We believe pets are an important part of a family, and our pet policy helps ensure they are always taken care of. Our pet-friendly apartments welcome all sorts of pets, from dogs under 50 pounds that are not on our restricted breed list to cats and even caged animals like birds and reptiles. Whatever pet you decide to bring home, don’t forget to register it with the office. Once it’s here, be sure to keep your pet in sanitary conditions—indoors and out—by taking advantage of our pet waste stations and cleaning up after your pets. We also ask that you keep your dogs on a leash when you come and go from your home, as well as around the grounds and in the parking areas.

Why Have a Pet?

Owning a pet of any kind can add some extra work in your life, so why bother adding one to your home? Animals have a lot to offer every member of your family, like being a best buddy for the kids and improving the health of mom and dad. Science has shown pets can be a cure for loneliness, lower stress, and even help with blood pressure and cholesterol. If you have a hard time making new friends, a pet can be the perfect ice-breaker. There’s no doubt that having a pet is worth the effort.

Having pets can be rewarding for families of all shapes and sizes. At Cantabria Apartments, we want you and your pets to feel at home. Our pet-friendly apartments are the perfect place for you to create memories with your whole family.