Moving to Cantabria Apartment Homes? We are so excited to have you! Moving during the pandemic can present some unique challenges, so we’ve put together three tips for helping you have the smoothest experience possible. Check them out below!

Get on the Same Page with Your Movers

Moving can be pretty stressful with everything you have to worry about, and moving during the pandemic can present even more things to keep track of. The good news is that, with a little advanced planning, you can set up everything to go smoothly. For example, be sure to have a chat with your movers before the big day to get on the same page.

“This is important to confirm your reservation and discuss best practices for moving day,” says Laura Mueller at “Moving companies are putting in lots of safeguards to help protect their clients, and it helps to be on the same page as them in terms of what is expected.”

When you have a mental picture of how the day is going to go, you can be prepared for a stress-free moving day.

Buy More Packing Material Than You Think You Need

And buy it in advance! You don’t want to repeat this person’s experience:

“When I realized the day before our move that we didn’t have enough stuffing or boxes to pack our kitchen breakables, we wound up at Lowe’s,” recalls Kelly Lawler, a writer at USA Today. “If you’ve done curbside pickup you’ll know it’s a time-consuming process. It took three hours and many phone calls to get our order. . . . The delay meant that I was packing dishes until 9 o’clock the night before the truck arrived.”

You don’t want to have to make multiple trips into the store to risk exposure to the virus, especially when you’ll be in close contact with people helping you move. So buy more than you need, in advance, and you won’t have to worry about last-minute trips to the store. You can always donate any extra materials you don’t end up using.

Have a Backup Plan in Case You Get Sick

We sincerely hope you stay well, but in the case that you catch the virus or fall ill, moving is probably the last thing you’ll want to worry about.

Try to find a moving company that offers free rescheduling so that you can move the date if you need to. But “if your move date is inflexible, plan for someone who can be a representative onsite to oversee the move so no one’s health is put at risk,” says Ada Tseng at the Los Angeles Times. Having a backup plan in place will ensure that everything goes smoothly, even if the circumstances aren’t ideal.

Moving during the pandemic may be a little trickier than moving before, but with some advanced planning, everything will work out great! Try out our three tips to have the best possible moving experience. We can’t wait to see you!