Not 45 minutes away from Santa Ana, lush groves of Coulter pine, California black walnut, and Douglas fir stretch into the heavens in Angeles National Forest. We’re all too fortunate to live so close to these towering natural giants. In fact, California Palms boasts a gorgeous assortment of these trees right here. Why did we choose to plant and nurture these trees in our community?

1. Noise cancelation

We know, we know: California’s crowded. Understatement of the year! On average, Bellflower has over 12,000 people crammed together per square mile. But with the crowds come the noise. The hustle and bustle of city life have their place, and we believe the noise should stop at your door. We’ve planted our trees strategically throughout the premises to muffle traffic, passing aircraft, and any other external sounds unwelcome in your home. You deserve peace and quiet, and our trees help make that possible.

2. Clean breathing

Worried about air pollution and smog? Trees help clean our air. Here’s a quick review from second grade: people inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; trees do the opposite. What’s astounding is just how much carbon dioxide is absorbed: an average hardwood tree can filter one ton of carbon dioxide over 40 years.

3. Keeping cool for cheap

We’ve all taken shelter under a tree to enjoy the shade and take a break from the heat, but trees actually reduce the temperature of the air around them through transpiration. Essentially, their leaves “sweat” water into the atmosphere, and the surrounding air cools as the water vapor condenses back into a liquid.

Bonus: Natural cooling from trees means less need to crank the A/C, which means your apartment stays cool without pricy power bills in the summer months.

Trees provide much more than decoration to California Palms. Residents enjoy protection from noise pollution and air pollution, shade from the sun, and cooling from the summer heat. So let’s be grateful for these beautiful giants!