With so much in the air at the moment, it’s difficult to make any plans, which makes it hard to prepare for major holidays. There are tons of fun activities going on in Buena Park, but they’re all subject to change due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic. With Independence Day coming up, this is the perfect time to get some craft projects ready in case you need to celebrate the holiday indoors—especially if you have kids. Here are some of our favorites:

Confetti Poppers

Many young kids find noise exciting, and they love to make some noise of their own. For a safe, fire-hazard-free option you can enjoy inside your apartment, try making confetti poppers. You’ll need nine-inch balloons, empty toilet paper tubes, and packing tape to make the body. From there, it’s just a matter of decoration and filling your poppers with confetti. Visit happinessishomemade.net for the instructions.

Red, White, and Blue Ice Cubes

Ready to add some Uncle Sam flair to your chilled drinks? Make red, white, and blue ice cubes out of different colored juice or jello. You can choose cranberry juice for red, Sprite for white, and then Gatorade or Powerade for blue. These will eventually melt, flavoring your drink and creating fun color patterns. Jello-O ice cubes, on the other hand, won’t melt, but they will thaw and turn soft—perfect for an after-drink snack!

Patriotic Striped Wreaths

Wreaths can go on your front door all year round! To make a patriotic wreath, get some red, white, and blue tulle and cut them into strips anywhere from six to 15 inches long. Wrap and knot the tulle strips around a 14-inch circular wireframe, alternating between the three colors. Align the knots so that they are all even, then make sure to fluff all the ends. Add some glitter or stars, and spray with hairspray if the tulle at the top doesn’t want to stand up. It’ll add a great pop of color to your front door!

With all the uncertainty we’re facing this year, doing creative activities at home with the kids is a great change of pace. We hope you enjoy these small but fun crafts as you prepare for Independence Day. From all of us at Cantabria Apartments, we wish you a happy Fourth!