There is nothing like fresh-baked goods. If you close your eyes, you can probably almost smell your favorite pastry! But finding the right bakery that hits the spot can be challenging.

Fortunately, at Cantabria Apartments, we have the perfect spot for baked goods only 10 minutes away. For made-from-scratch baked goods and tasty meals sure to satisfy your sweet (and savory) tooth, check out Good Eats and Sweets. It’s the perfect spot for ambiance, good eats, and sweet treats!


Good Eats and Sweets has a bright and cozy interior that’s just perfect for enjoying pastries. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and they’re open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, so you can grab something for breakfast or to accompany your dinner! The restaurant is located at 6285 Ball Road, Cypress, near Buena Park, California.

Good Eats

Breakfast, lunch, or early dinner, they’ve got you covered! Here are some delectable options

  • The breakfast burrito is a classic done well.
  • The pot roast grilled cheese sandwich is an unexpected combination, but the gooey melted cheese and tender beef make it a winner.
  • The spicy Korean pork tacos have another unexpected combination, with pork gochujang sauce and cheesy corn on top. The meat is flavorful, and the sauce adds just the right amount of oomph.

Sweet Treats

Now onto the desserts. Here are a few favorites:

  • The caramel pecan cheesecake boasts pecans distributed evenly through the silky cheesecake and a smooth, decadent topping.
  • The lemon madeleine looks simple, but the citrusy flavor is robust.
  • The peanut butter crunch brown packs a punch! The flavor is rich, and the crunch adds interest to the fudgy brownie and smooth peanut butter topping.

If you’re passing through Buena Park soon, stop by Good Eats and Sweets! They’ve got something tasty for everyone, and the ambiance is lovely. Plus, it’s just a few minutes away from Cantabria Apartment Homes, a community with two-bedroom apartments in Buena Park, California. 

Image courtesy of Yelp